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Our specialization in product sourcing ensures that every penny you spent with us is well worth. From provisions, hotel stores to ship stores, our broad categories will allow rooms for selection based on your and your needs. Whether it be a block of Gorgonzola from Milan or a hand-sewn table cloth meticulously crafted to your branding… We’ve got you covered.

For years, we have tailored solutions based on the requirements of our clients. Each service will be consulted by our professionals and chosen at your discretion. Once we have your specifications, the rest of the work is ours. 



With over a decade of experience in adapting to the dynamics of provision demands, our dedication to fulfil your request is ensured by our continuous strive for excellence. Locally and internationally sourced, our F&B supplies adhere to strict HACCP and ISO safety standards. Through comprehensive training and practical knowledge, your order is guaranteed safety storage in our world-class temperature controlled environment and timely delivery in our cold-storage vehicles to be preserved in its best condition from the purchasing date.


We provide a comprehensive breakdown of products and services based on the ever-changing needs and challenges of the marine hotel industry. The items we select are of great quality, being consistently tested to maintain both our customer’s standards and our own. Our products include hotel amenities, bedroom products, consumable goods, decorative products along with items specifically tailored to your request.


We are proud to provide you top quality ship store supplies from accredited local and overseas suppliers. You can place orders with ease knowing that our professional team have had extensive experience with the IMPA coding system and strict adherence to quality standards. Our diverse selection of ship stores supplies from renowned brands, such as Ecolab, contain options that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Simply because we care for you and the sustainability of the future generations.


We source domestically and internationally to provide you with the best quality while maintaining affordability by keeping abreast of current market prices. You will never have to compromise while working with us. Our suppliers have been carefully curated to ensure that you are fully satisfied and that your customers are indulged in the finest quality.