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Poseidon Supply aims to set the standard of excellence for the marine supply services through our years of learning experience and dedication to our customers, being the one-stop solution whenever and wherever our customers needs us…

Started as Shin Tai Ho Vietnam in 2008, we are a marine supply service company catering to offshore, cruises and cargo ships.

In 2010, we renamed ourselves to Spry Asia Vietnam and co-founded Spry Asia Group. Six years later, Spry Asia Logistic was established alongside the launching of the Asia Cruise Distribution Center, which is our own bonded warehouse facility, to serve the increasing demands for logistics and cruise inventory services.

In 2018, Spry Asia Vietnam had expanded to cover servicing ports located in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.

2019 marked the restructuring of Spry Asia Vietnam and Spry Asia Logistics; forming it into Poseidon Supply and Poseidon Logistics. Along with the initiation of Poseidon Singapore Pte Ltd.,

We have always been glad to have a vital role in keeping your cruises running smoothly throughout Asia, so now we want to be at your service in other parts of the globe. Considering the steady growth of our operations outside of Asia, we have taken actions to respond to the increasing demands from our clients by opening a new office in Germany – Poseidon Sourcing GmbH (specializing in ships and hotel stores). We believe this decision will further our step towards building a one-stop supply service for our customers, enabling us to continue our commitment and promises of “Whenever and Wherever”.

Our main mission is to be the solution provider to all vessels to cater to their marine supply and logistics services requirements.



At Poseidon, we place quality at the center of every operation. Our products and services follow the strict standard guidelines of the internationally acclaimed ISO and HACCP organizations to give you only the best of best.


We believe in growth through transparency and ethical business practices. Our reputation within the industry is built upon years of trust from clients and suppliers alike. From farm to port, all due procedures are guaranteed handled candidly.


Poseidon Supply is the one-stop solution for all your troubles. Because as a business, we understand time and costs. Our logistics and supply teams work tirelessly day and night to ensure that your investment in us will be a rewarding one.


Our business evolves with you, our customers. Throughout the years, we have constantly kept abreast of market trends by research to expand our knowledge and improve our services for you. Your satisfaction is our success.




We implement the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system to ensure that all provided products are safe for consumption and usage by international standards.

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality for services complies with the guidelines of the esteemed International Organization for Standardization.

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